Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization 

Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization 

Benefits Of Deep Root Fertilization 

Deep root fertilization is a method in which liquid fertilizer is injected straight into the tree’s roots. This fertilization method is the quickest way to get nutrients to the tree. Here are a few benefits that it provides: 

A lusher canopy & blooms

Trees need an abundance of nutrients to produce the most beautiful springtime blooms and lush summer canopies. Our backyard trees can lack vital nutrients because we remove the leaves, grass, and organic matter that fertilize our trees. Additionally, trees in our yards do not thrive as well as they would in natural, wooded landscapes due to restricted rooting areas from walkways, driveways, and foundations. Luckily, deep root fertilization transports these essential nutrients right to the roots of the trees. You’ll notice more aesthetically pleasing trees in no time!

Improving trees resistance to pests and disease

Healthy trees are better able to stave off disease and pests. Additionally, a healthy tree is much more adept at holding its ground during severe weather. Moreover, deep root fertilization is a critical practice to keep them healthy. Deep root fertilization is essential because surface fertilization is dependent on rainfall transporting the nutrients underground to the roots of the tree. This takes much more time and will often not work on sloped land due to rain runoff.

Reduces soil compaction

Lawnmowers and foot traffic can significantly compact the soil around trees in your yard. This compacted soil can prevent the tree roots from getting the nutrients it needs to thrive. However, Deep root fertilization reduces soil compaction by aeration. This better allows for nutrients, air, and water to flow to trees’ roots for optimal growth.

The most effective time to fertilize your trees is in the spring and fall. Most trees will need fertilization at least once a year. Give your trees the nutrients they need for health and vitality, and contact Eric’s Tree Service to get your free estimate today! 

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