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The tree inventories we perform are designed to provide our client with basic information regarding the quantities, location, condition, and size of their tree population. During an inventory, we will conduct a thorough inspection to determine the health, vitality, and vigor of each tree. Here at Eric’s Tree Service, we are trained arborists who use a series of inspections and tests to discover and identify disease and pest infestation. We also test the soil, and uncover structural problems. This is done to better help our clients understand the maintenance requirements of their trees and to help us put into a place a sustainable management plan for the property’s care based on any treatments that are required.

We are experts at tree trimming and pruning! Pruning removes dying branches to maintain plant health and safety. There are many benefits of pruning, including a reduced risk of failure from weak branches, improving the structure and aesthetics of the tree, saving a tree that has been damaged by a storm, and increasing the overall tree health. Maintaining proper structural development in young trees includes directional pruning. In addition to this, we focus on management of deadwood and thinning practices for mature trees. Pruning should be done strictly during the dormant phase, which is after the leaves have fallen and before the first buds begin to appear. Pruning, when done correctly, facilitates flower and fruit production. But there is a very fine line, since over-pruned trees may sprout excessively to re-grow the canopy they lost. This is a mechanism the tree uses to make sure they have enough canopy to supply sunlight for photosynthesis and provide protection to their trunks. Fruit trees that are over-pruned may not bear fruit until they are able to repair themselves. Due to these reasons, having your trees pruned by a certified arborist is imperative.

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