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The arborists at Eric’s Tree Service are highly experienced in using an integrated approach to manage destructive tree pests and tree diseases! Importantly, we have plenty of experience with highly invasive species like the hemlock woolly adelgid, the gypsy moth, and emerald ash borer. Our protocols involve periodic inspections, which is important to detect pest infestations before they reach damaging levels. Our solutions also include pruning, nutrient amendments, and creating optimal soil pH and soil conditions for plant growth. We know that your trees are an important asset to your property, and we will do everything in our power to save them.

Not all pests or diseases are active during all times of the year. Count on the expert arborists at Eric’s Tree Service to identify your species, your target problems, and how the weather impacts these issues. Having this information is a major factor in preserving tree health. Furthermore, we are aware of when to monitor for specific issues. In addition to being able to identify the bad guys, our crew is well trained to recognize beneficial insects that help naturally suppress pest populations. Doing so allows beneficial insects to naturally augment existing populations within thresholds.

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